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Hello, I’m Lynne Snowden and I am pretty passionate about hand crafted jewelry. I make custom necklaces, bracelets, keychains, bead dangles, and my own specialty; hand-soldered charms.

After flying for Delta Airlines for 17 years I decided to establish some roots at the homestead. To be honest, I was worried my children would soon begin to wonder who that uniformed lady was who kept coming around to check the mail every few days.

Firmly grounded as ‘mommy’, I found myself missing the social aspect of life as a flight attendant, and turned my lust for activity into my interest in making custom-crafted charms and accessories.

And now I can’t stop! They’re fun to make, fun to wear, and fun to share and talk about.

I spend my time with my family, making charms, and meeting new people.

You can find me on Facebook.