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Gemstone Colors and Meanings

A lot of people ask me what the colors mean in the gemstones I use. I like them because they match a theme, or strike my mood at the moment, but a lot of people believe that the colors of gemstones and crystals have special properties that lend to deeper meanings....

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Darling Purse charms and Key Chains

I love Purse Charms. They just give a fun little touch of bling to your purse, wallet or keys. You can purchase one that is already made or you can send us a message and have us do a special one just of you. We use adorable beads, charms, and Swarovski Pearls and...

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Fairy Houses

Ok, I admit that I am in love with these Fairy Houses. They are adorable to say the least, and so easy to make. The hardest part is finding cute fairies and gnomes and little knick knacks to add to your project.            ...

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Rusty Locket Spiders

Rusty Locket Spiders are a lot of fun! Hang them on your neck or on a tree or wall as an ornament. Our hand-crafted spiders make a great Halloween-time accessory, or for when you want to add a little excitement to the conversation.

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A Few Extra Touches For Your High Tea

Don't forget to add fun and pizzaz to your High Tea, with fun Tea Sets, (even if they don't match), hats and gloves, and fun spring dresses, loaded with jewels. Make sure you rock the joint. (Or the neighborhood.)  ...

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Summer High Tea

Summer is the Perfect Time for a Tea Party. Whether it is a fancy affair, decked out with fine china, or just something relaxing and fun using paper plates; Tea Parties can be the perfect opportunities to create lasting, fun memories for children and adults alike. So,...

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Purse Charms

Dress up your purse with a darling Purse Charm from The Rusty Locket.  These Purse Charms can be made in any color and with any theme. So cute!! The really add some sparkle and bling to your purse. They are also great for a keychain....

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