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Tea Hats

Tea Hats

Summer is the Perfect Time for a Tea Party. Whether it is a fancy affair, decked out with fine china, or just something relaxing and fun using paper plates; Tea Parties can be the perfect opportunities to create lasting, fun memories for children and adults alike. So, gather your girlfriends, set a date, make a fun invitation, decide on some refreshments and have a Delightful Summer High Tea Party.

One more tip: I always require an R.S.V.P. and I also let my guests know on my invitations that a hat and a Tea dress is a requirement, (gloves optional). This way your guests know what is expected of them, and they don’t show up in jeans, when you are hoping to have a nice Tea.

I love to have an assortment of finger foods and treats. You can have your guests help you bring some foods, but I usually make my own because then I know I will be getting what I want for my Tea. I love mini eclairs, rainbow sandwiches, quiches, and anything small and bite sized. I also make rose meringue cookies and spritz cookies because they are very easy, look adorable, and I can make them Gluten Free, which means I might get a little something to eat as well.

Add a fun setting, some fun hot and iced Teas, some sugar cubes (I like to decorate mine), and few party games and then sit back and let the fun begin.

Don’t forget your Tea Hats!